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In simple Terms, copyright means a right to copy a work with the original creator’s permission and acknowledgement.

Categorised copyright work according to:

  • Original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic.
  • Film, sound recordings and broadcasts
  • Typographical arrangement.

Essentially, you want to ensure copyright protection on your original and intellectual creation, to avoid others taking advantage. Although copyright may like the simplest form of intellectual property (IP) that does not require registration, unlike trademark.

Copyrigt law can be highly complex.

At legal solution partnership, we have developed an expertise in dealing with copyright law matters, from copyright dispures to licensing of copyright, and infringement to assignmentn.

How We Can Help?

UK or EU copyright matter, we can directly help you. in reasonable fees, we can enforce your copyright and help you set up licenrses for your copyright works.

Copyright laws differ between jurisdictions, but we work with a network of associates who cover all major markets.

We can offer advice, infringement and fair use of your copyright. We can also help you leverage copyright with third party.

If you have a copyright dispute or would like us to advice on copyright, please contact us, and we will outline the service we can offer and the associated costs.

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Rohana assists individual with various legal matters including medical negligence claims.

Salma is the head of family law department in our Greenwich branch, and can assist with all family law matters with great care and efficiency.

Phuong is our consultant solicitor who specialises in complex family law cases.

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