When gall is galling

My gallstone is in one of those transparent plastic bottles.  It’s 22mm, the size of a pebble you’d pick up on a stony beach, then throw into the sea. The medical term for removal of the gallbladder is cholecystectomy.   Usually, when a gallstone (or gallstones) causes symptoms, the whole gallbladder is removed. Across the UK …

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Solicitor in Luton

Personal Injury Claims under the law of England and Wales An introduction

Bringing a claim for compensation for Personal Injury (PI) under the law of England and Wales, has never been easier.  Businesses are out there marketing on the internet, offering free-phone numbers, running claims shops, doing deals with brokers and insurance companies to access Claimants. Finding someone who’ll sign you up to make a claim is …

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A photo of a British police car parked on the street.

The dead and the living

Do Police ID the dead using smartphone images We need to trust The Police. Sooner or later you or I will need to call 999. When the emergency happens we want to believe The Police will engage with us, will help make the crisis manageable. Emergencies are difficult. For everyone. Professional and non-professional. Everyone will …

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Photo of Harley Davidson and a driver.

Harley-Davidson recall – brake failure risk

On 6th March 2018, Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency launched a “concern” effecting 3050 motorcycles built by Harley-Davidson between 25th June 2006 and 13th December 2011. The “concern” is: “If the brake fluid has not been changed as per manufacturer’s instructions deposits may form which may affect the operation of the ABS module.   Continued use …

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Injured woman walking on a pier

5 ways to lose a Personal Injury claim

Bang to rights!  Money’s practically in the bank.  Rear-end-shunt?  You can’t lose!  Insurance companies always pay! That’s how they sell it.  Two grand.  Three grand.  Easy money.  Just sign here. Think again. Unfortunately, in today’s Personal Injury claims world, bankable certainties aren’t quite as bankable, or certain, as they once were.  The real world can, …

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Cars driving on a wet road

What are damages?

Damages means compensation.  Money paid to the value of a wrong. How damages are calculated I will explain in a moment.  Legal principles, guidance issued by Judges in cases, and guidance issued by a committee called the Judicial College, set the rules. But let’s face the fact: getting damages is the point of any claim. …

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