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We’re personal injury solicitors near Luton, based in Dunstable offering a no win no fee legal service. We don’t make cold calls. We don’t buy personal injury claims from middlemen. You instruct our lawyers person to person, no call centres with scripts and programmed answers.

You’ve had a trauma. Someone dropped the ball. Now that person – that driver, your employer, that corporation, that institution – whoever got it wrong – has to put it right. Our role is to apply the law to get your compensation, to straighten you out after the incident.

Today that’s harder than it used to be. So plan for a fight. We’re in your corner. No Win No Fee for personal injury claims is standard.

Accidents At Work

Employers don’t intend to cause their people injury or loss. But they do turn a blind eye when it suits. See how we can help you in such a case. None of us go to work to get injured or to get ill. But when your work environment fails you, there’s a sense of shame, or conflicted loyalty, a voice telling you: don’t buy into the blame game, don’t be tarred by The Compensation Culture. 

Car Accidents

We’re not a Claims Management Company. We’re lawyers. Trained. Supervised. Qualified. Regulated. Experienced. We will get the claim you deserve. It’s hard to avoid the din in every kind of media, and echoing noise made by Government, about the evils of “Whiplash Claims”.

Most of the noise is about what Claims Management Companies do – cold calls, text messages, automated calls, hard sell calls, emails, letters, TV adverts.

Motorcycle Accidents

We’re not a Claims Management Company. We’re lawyers. Trained. Supervised. Qualified. Regulated. Experienced. And we support bikers.

Cycle Accidents

According to one source 3.5 billion miles were cycled in 2016. In the UK. That’s a lot of road. And accidents can happen so you need legal support. Dropping a bike is a skill learned out of necessity.

But there is only so much awareness that’ll save you when facing a driver who just doesn’t see you, or who sees you, but whose judgement is so poor you know what’s coming.

If you would like to find out more about our services and discuss your claim with us, please call our firm on 01582 417208 or fill out the contact form below.

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John is a passionate solicitor who deals with complex personal injury and medical negligence claim.

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Rohana assists individual with various legal matters including medical negligence claims.

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Personal Injury FAQs

When you notify a claim to your motor insurers – which you should do under your duty of full disclosure – the insurer will note this on the policy record.

Even when the claim is 100% non-fault, and even though the insurers won’t tell you how they determine your premium, experience shows they do take past PI claims into account when setting the premium.

Whilst any PI claim will be taken into account in setting the premium, there will be no impact on the benefits under an insurance policy.

If there’s a dispute as to the facts of what happened, or if it’s alleged you didn’t suffer the injuries or losses you have claimed, there is a risk the case could end up at court. That, after all, is the point of our legal system!

If no settlement is reached, and you’re serious about your claim, you could end up in court. But it’s rare. A very very small percentage of cases reach trial, and even those that get close to trial, often settle at the court door.

Most PI claims start through the internet, and many proceed to settlement through the internet. This means standard forms, defined information, scanned documents. There is a process and a timetable.

Unless a PI claim is settled pre-medical, proof of injury is in the form of a medical report obtained through an internet-based process in a standard form. The internet process applies to claims where there is no dispute other than as to the level of damages. Offers and settlement also happen through the internet portal.

If the PI claim is disputed, it falls out of the internet portal. If the dispute remains unresolved, the case can end up in court.

Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes PI claims are sorted out within a few weeks. A large majority of low value claims (having a value less than £25,000) are sorted out within a few months through the internet portal system.

Usually cases take a long time because either there is a dispute, which leads to court proceedings, or because the Claimant is still recovering without a clear prognosis.

Premature settlement is risky. If your case is settled too early, before the long term outcome of a medical condition is known, this could mean the settlement was less than it should have been. Early settlement may be desirable, but is not advisable in most more serious cases.

This depends on your injuries, and how your injuries have interfered with your normal life. If you’ve had a sore neck for a couple of weeks, no time off work, and incurred no expenses, your claim is worth no more than a few hundred pounds. However, if you ended up in hospital, couldn’t go to work, needed weeks of care, then your claim may be worth tens of thousands.

Most road traffic accident PI claims are referred to as “whiplash”. Recovery is usually within a few months. Depending on expenses, the damages paid are rarely more than £2-3,000.

Compensation paid for a serious injuries is based on expert medical evidence, detailed evidence proving past losses, and a reasoned assessment of future expenses.

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We were very happy with the service provided by John Holtom throughout our case and would certainly recommend his services.
Mrs Grace

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