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Legal Solution Partnership has skilled trademark filers in the UK and EU, assisting our clients in the best way possible.


A registered trademark gives the owner exclusive rights to use that trademark and portect your reputation, goodwill, and market position. By registering your trademark, you prevent others from using similar, or even identical, trademarks

We can assist in:

  • Trademark registration in the UK and EU
  • Trademark opposition in the UK and EU
  • Trademark opposition advice and response
  • Trademark searches and filling reports
  • Trademark disputes and infringements.
  • International trademark filling through WIPO.

Our team is very upfront about ours fees, and if we can assist you with your trademark registration.

Why Register?

Registered trademarks mark legal disputes easier and cheaper against infringement and counterfeiting.

However, unregistered trademarks have limited rights, which can be difficult and expensive to enforce, often leaving small/medium-sized businesses unprotected. So, registering a trademark is the most important investments.


The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and/or the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) do not police trademarks.

We therefore recommend setting up a Watching Service to protect your trademark, as this will alert us any confliction trademark application.

The Watch Service allows us to react swiftly to competitors who try to register an identical or confusingly similar trademark as yours. As we represent you, we send Cease and Desist letters, make representation to UKIPO  and OHIM, or issuse court proceeding against the other party.

Legal Solution Partnership can also apply this to company registration and domain name registrations to give your trademark additional protection.

We can guide you in the protection and subsequent strengthening of your trademark right. If you have a trademark filing or would like advice trademarks, please contact us, and we will outline the service wecan offer, and the associated costs.

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John is a passionate solicitor who deals with complex personal injury and medical negligence claim.

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Rohana assists individual with various legal matters including medical negligence claims.

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We were very happy with the service provided by John Holtom throughout our case and would certainly recommend his services.
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