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It’s hard to avoid the din in every kind of media, and echoing noise made by Government, about the evils of “Whiplash Claims”.

Most of the noise is about what Claims Management Companies do – cold calls, text messages, automated calls, hard sell calls, emails, letters, TV adverts.

We’re not a Claims Management Company.   We’re lawyers. Trained.  Supervised. Qualified.  Regulated. Experienced.

Our role as lawyers is to do the professional job, to get the facts, put them to the other side, argue the case, get the money, pay you.

Sometimes it’s that easy.  Sometimes the internet claims system works (the so-called Portal), does work.  After a few months, money appears in your account.  That’s it.  Finished.  Close the book.

But insurers play their games, do their best to make you – the victim – feel like you’re the guilty one.  They challenge parts of the claim that are self-explanatory.   They accept parts of the claim that are controversial.  Tactics.  To the insurance industry, it’s all about money, the commercial interest, whatever’s happened to you.

So, cases fall out of the Portal system, and when that happens, you can end up in Court.

Insurance companies, and Government, want to tell you this is all just a straightforward system, who needs lawyers.

Our suggestion is: try to fight your own trial in the County Court against an insurance company with billions in their deep off-shore pockets.

You’ll want a lawyer.  You’ll need a lawyer.  Even a simple road traffic accident isn’t simple.  The law concerning road accidents, liability, damages, and procedure, is a large book, not a hand-out leaflet.

Instruct LSP.  We’ll make that large book manageable, and make the insurance company pay!

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John Holtom
John concentrated on disputed, complex, Multi-Track and higher value Personal Injury and Clinic Negligence, plus general civil litigation.


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Sylwia comes from Poland but is a fluent English speaking Legal Executive who has been resident in the UK for ten years. Sylwia represents Polish clients across various sectors.

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