SRA shuts down Knowles Benning – Transfer your Files to Us with safety and caution. 

In the wake of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s closure of Knowles Benning, it is in your best interest to take steps to ensure that your rights are not placed at risk and your files are looked after.

Metamorph was planning to revolutionise the legal industry, connecting professionals from all corners of the nation to develop a network of law firms. With the acquisition of Knowles Benning- once regarded as Metamorph’s largest practice, the group achieved a record annual revenue of £35m and expanded their staff to 650 members. Established across three offices in Bedfordshire, they offered services ranging from commercial property to wills & probate. 

However, on the 19th December 2022, the SRA has taken decisive action by closing the doors of the seventh firm of collapsed Metamorph Group due to unethical practices. This resolution comes as part of a comprehensive effort to ensure client protection.  

While staff members are facing financial hardship due to extended periods without pay, it has come to light that over a thousand boxes of legal documents including wills and deeds are waiting to be collected from former firms which were forced into closure last year.  

For those who have had their files held at the firm’s office in Dunstable, Legal Solutions Partnership can provide a smooth transition process which involves collecting documentation from Knowles Benning and transferring all necessary information onto our system. 

Do not let yourself be left in a vulnerable position – If you were previously affiliated with the closed firm, our specialists in Dunstable can take over your wills, probate and family files to ensure that you are protected and not left without access to legal representation. 

Ultimately, we understand that many people will be affected by the closure of the national firm and we want to reassure you that our team is here to help. 

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