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What are damages?

Damages means compensation.  Money paid to the value of a wrong. How damages are calculated I will explain in a moment.  Legal principles, guidance issued by Judges in cases, and guidance issued by a committee called the Judicial College, set the rules. But let’s face the fact: getting damages is the point of any claim. …

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Worboys, Police failings, and Private Law rights

The revolution will not be televised. Worboys needs no introduction.  He was a grand-scale sexual predator.  A sophisticated deceiver.  A man who perpetrated evil against women over many years.   That much has been televised. A secondary story at the heart of Worboys malignity, is a genuine revolution, not a tabloid feeding frenzy.   This is about …

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Whose fault is it anyway?

Someone must be to blame.  Surely. Motorway pile up: death of a passenger.   Meat-cutting saw on rampage: serious head injuries.  Forklift truck crushing driver: amputated leg.  Fatal undiagnosed pulmonary embolism. You’re starting point is: something went badly wrong, someone must be to blame. You’re probably right, but when you apply the legal principles things are …

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Right to know

How can you consent when you have no knowledge?   You may imagine this seems obvious.  So obvious it doesn’t need to be explained.     But it wasn’t always like this. Consent, knowledge, making informed choices, has shifted into the foreground of medical treatment.   But even now the law’s interpretation of consent is still evolving. In my …

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