When the police get it wrong

What happens when the police get it wrong? When the dust settles, can a claim be made, can you, the wronged person, get damages, get compensation?

False arrest, malicious prosecution, assault, these are all causes of action against the police.

Following the recent Warboys case, there is another cause of action against the police. This applies to police failures to investigate. False imprisonment, malicious prosecution, assault, are well established causes of action, whereas the Warboys cause of action is new and developing.

Of course we all need the police in these days of terrorism and cybercrime and violent crime, but the police are no less subject to the rule of law then the rest of us, if they get it wrong, they must pay compensation.

How do I make a claim?

Claims against the police always start with Subject Access – in the old world, getting the documents and records the police have.

Subject Access refers to you, the Claimant, as the subject.

Police procedures mean for most brushes with the law there will be some form of record made. As specialist lawyers we want to see what the police have actually said, how the police have justified their actions. This will guide how the case will be prepared, what questions we need to get answers to, and whether a claim is strong enough to take to trial.

Trial and settlement

If we believe your case is strong enough, we’ll fight for compensation on No Win No Fee.

A specialist barrister will represent you at trial, or, if the police recognise their mistakes before trial, they’ll offer damages to compensate you for what they have done wrong.

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